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Aloha UchinaaguchiThis website is designed for anyone who wants to learn Okinawan language (Uchinaaguchi) who resides outside Japan and who speaks English.  Learners can acquire the basic grammatical and structural knowledge of the language and communication skills by choosing the components of the site they want to visit.  At the same time, learners can develop the cultural understanding along with the language use.

As for the Okinawan language, it has been spoken for several centuries throughout the islands of Ryukyu Archipelago .  It was the language of Ryukyu Kingdom (1429 - 1879) and it was discouraged by language policy of Japanese government when the Kingdom was forced to end.  Since then, the numbers of native Okinawan language speakers has been gradually decreased.  However, recently, the revitalization effort has been made in many ways in Okinawa as well as overseas, particularly in Hawaii.

Okinawan language varies depending on islands and areas such as Amami Island, Mainland Okinawa, Miyako Island, and Yaeyama Island and Yonaguni Island. Okinawan language used in this site refers commonly used language of the south-central area centering around the most populous Shuri, Naha and their environs.

The instruction is easy to follow even for the learners who have no Okinawan language background.  It is because Romanization for the transcription and English for the instructional guide are used, and also the variety of learner choices in the components of lesson structure. For example, the learner can visit related sites such as videoscripts, pronunciation site, even to the scenario in English and Japanese from the 'Dialogue' section easily.


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