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 General and Specific Topics in Linguistics:

 Linguistics Toolbox
 Linguistics Society of America
 Summer Institute of Linguistics

 Linguistic Map of China (JPEG image)

 International Phonetic Association (IPA)
 International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
 Peter Ladefoged's Consonants and Vowels
 Speech Internet Dictionary (SID)
 Online Phonetics Course
 Ancient Scripts
 Mouton Interactive
 Phonetics Resources
 Kay Elemetrics Co.
 3D IPA Vowel Chart
 The Vocal Tract (Kevin Russell)

 History and Prospect of Chinese Romanization
 The Origin of Zhuyin Fuhao (Jason Cox) (slightly modified PDF)
 Chinese Romanization Table (PY/WG/GR)
 GR Junction
 Chinese Syllable Chart
 A Guide to Gwoyeu Romatzyh Tonal Spelling of Chinese (David Prager Branner)
 Comparison of Tongyong and Hanyu Pinyin

 Morphology Course
 Essays on Morphology


 Computing and Software:
 IPA Help (PC only)
 Linguist's Software
 SIL-IPA Fonts (Mac & PC)
 IPA-SAM Phonetic Fonts
 Moraic (commercial)
 Arboreal (commercial)
 Rich's Pinyin Fonts (Mac)
 Zev Handel's Times-Pinyin Font (Mac)
 The Fool's Workshop Pinyin Fonts

 Late Additions:
 IPA Chart (PDF)
 IPA-English Consonant Examples (PDF)
 IPA-English Vowel Examples (PDF)
 3D Vowel Representation
 Sagittal X-rays (too cool!)
 Vocal Tract Cineradiographic
 Segmental Phonology
 3D Tongue Shapes (PDF) (too cool!)

 Zhuyin Fuhao Keyboard Layout (PDF)
 Chao's Ten Syntactic and Morphological Patterns of Reduplication (PDF)
 Homework Assignments (PDF):
 HW01: English to IPA Transcription Practice
 HW02: IPA to English Transcription Practice
 HW03: Select Consonant Features
 HW04: MSC Syllable Dissection
 HW05: GR Transcription Exercise
 HW06: Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) Transcription Exercise

 HW07: Rhoticization (er-hua) Exercise
 HW08: Tone Sandhi Modification Exercise
 HW09: Reduplication Exercise
 HW10: Morpheme Dissection Exercise (1)
 HW11: Morpheme Dissection Exercise (2)
 HW12: Commentary: "Nongmin" is not an Adjective TradCHN SimpCHN

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