CHN451: Structure of Chinese I. Introductory Study of the Phonology and Morphology of Mandarin Chinese.

Past and Present Incarnations
Fall 2002   Fall 2003  

This is a course introducing important elements of Chinese linguistics and the Chinese language -- its structure, dialects, and writing system -- topics such as language planning and language use in society may also be covered. This course is taught in English with copious examples from and comparisons with Chinese. A familiarity with general linguistics as it relates to Mandarin Chinese -- such as that provided in Beginning and Intermediate language courses -- is expected. Requirements: CHN202 or instructor approval.

The course aims to give students an overview of important elements of the Chinese language and its use. While this course is not a graduate level class, it does seek to develop in students a solid foundation in Chinese linguistics, especially those considering or already enrolled in graduate study.

The course will be conducted through lectures combined with class discussions of assigned readings, individual and small-group assignments in class, and students' presentation of homework assignments. Course work can include daily quizzes on assigned readings, weekly homework projects, and/or short term papers, depending on the instructor. Students are also encouraged to make use of the World Wide Web to search for online materials, but don't rely solely on internet research!

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