Integrated Chinese Web Resources

For IC1

L1-7 PPT Slides (by Hsuyin Chang)
Activity Book for IC1 (Chen, Yao with Hayden) 
Answer Sheets  for IC1 Workbooks (Jeffrey Hayden)
Chinese Characters for IC1 (Audrey Li)
Understanding Chinese Characters (Carolyn Kunshan Lee)
Chinese Study Helper (Flashcards) (Luke Poortinga)
IC1 Flashcards printable (Bradley Bonnette)
IC Vocabulary Trainer (Dmitry Chirkin)
Phonetic components for Simplified characters (L.1-6) (Kunshan Lee) (pdf file)
Pictures for IC1 (Peter Kobayashi and Sue Fujitani)
Pinyin Supplements for IC
Radical charts for IC1 (Walt Bilofsky)
Review and Practice for IC1 (L.1-11) (Ying YANG)

Sound Files for IC1 on the WWW (Z.S. Zhang) [Note: Select "Materials" from the menu]

Supplementary Materials for IC1 Lessons12-17 (Hsuyin Chang)

IC1 Vocabulary PowerPoint Files (Mindy Zhang and Julia Kessel)
For IC1 3rd edition
ppt by ZHANG Jing (L2D2)(L8)(L9D1)(L9D2)(L10)(L11)(L13)(L14)(L16)
pdf files for Grammar by LIU Nian (L11)(L12)(L13)(L14)(L15)(L16)(L17)(L18)(L19)
PPT by Chuang Hui-ju (Chinese sound system and numbers) (Chinese writing system) (L1D1) (L1D2) (L2D1) (L2D2) (L3D1) (L3D2) (L4)  (L5D1) (L5D2) (L6D1) ( L6D2) (L7D1) (L7D2) (L8) (L9D1) (L9D2) (L10) (L11) (L12) (L13) (L14) (L15) (L16) (L17) (L18) (L19)
For IC2 3rd Edition 
Grammar and vocabulary examples by Lin Chuan (pdf) (L1) (L2) (L3) (L4) (L5) (L6) (L7) (L8) (L9)
PPT by Yu Qiaona (L1)(L2)(L3)(L4)(L6)(L7) (L8) (L9) (L11) (L12)(L13)(L14)(L15)(L17)(L18)(L19
PPT for IC2 L5 Vocabulary (by HU Ying); Grammar (by LIN Chuan); Exercise1 (by YU Qiaona); Exercise2 (by HUANG Chuanning)

For IC2

Character Learning Webpage (Helen Shen)
Flashcards for IC (by Dmitry Chirkin)
Online Chinese Flashcards (Jaime Lau)
Pinyin Supplements for IC
IC2 Workbook Simplified Character Supplements
IC2-related Resources (by Zev Handel)

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